At the IFS, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive Forensic Science services for legal issues, including Forensic Examinations and Expert Opinions for Legal purposes.

Expert Opinions

We provide Court acceptable Expert Opinions and Forensic Reports for cases related to - Questioned Documents, Handwriting, Signatures, Fingerprints etc.


Courses, Trainings and Certifications related to Forensic Science, Crime Investigation, Psychology, Cyber Forensics, DNA, Odontology, Private Detective and many more...

    IFS : Govt. Registered, Legally Acceptable, Court Certified, & Reputed Organization in India for Forensic Investigations...
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    Solved thousands of cases for Courts, Govt. Depts, Police Depts., Banks, Corporates, Advocates & Individual Clients etc.

Welcome to IFS : International Forensic Sciences

IFS - Appointed as Court Commissioner, Government Registered and ISO Certified


All our Experts are Trained, Experienced and Highly Qualified, so our Expert's Opinions / Forensic Reports are acceptable in Court or for Legal purposes (As per Indian Evidence Act, Section 45).


We understand the importance of confidentiality - We take the Privacy & Confidentiality concerns of our client seriously. All submitted cases, results, documents, evidences etc will be investigated securely.


IFS has been involved in investigation of cases all around the world. Many Hon. Courts appreciated our Opinions / Reports. They found our reports highly reliable and important for cases.

IFS : Forensic Science Lab Services and Investigations :

    IFS Forensic Department provides various Forensic Science Related Services as mentioned below. We will provide you Court acceptable Expert Opinions / Forensic Reports and Our Expert will visit respective court for cross examination & scientific expert presentation, if required :

Forensic Document & Fingerprint Cases :

Court Expert Opinions and Forensic Reports For : Forensic Document Examinations, Handwriting Analysis, Signature Verifications, Fingerprint and Thumb Impression Comparisons etc present on any documents like Property Documents, Bank Cheques, Policy Documents, Agreements, Stamp Papers etc. For more details CLICK HERE.

Fingerprinting for PCC, FBI, RCMP :

We provide Fingerprinting Services for PCC (Police Clearance Certificates) from FBI USA, RCMP Canada and Many other countries for VISA, Immigration or License Purposes etc. We strictly follow Fingerprinting Guidelines so no chance of any rejections. All our Fingerprint Experts are Highly Trained. For more details CLICK HERE .

Hidden Fingerprint Development :

Latent Fingerprint Development- The development of hidden fingerprints are useful in establishing if an individual was present at a crime scene or a suspect in a burglary case or chance fingerprints left in theft cases. Fingerprint Development, Lifting, and Comparison present over any surface like glass, metal, document or paper etc CLICK HERE.

IFS Education Dept. Courses :

IFS Education Dept provides various Forensic Science related courses including Forensic Science, Criminology, Forensic Odontology, Psychology, Cyber Forensic, Cyber Law, Cyber Crime Investigation, Cyber Security, Accounting, Financial Fraud Examination, Wild life, Photography, Private Detective, Handwriting Expert etc. For more details CLICK HERE

IFS Special Training Dept. :

IFS conducts special training sessions & workshops with hands on experience to improve participants knowledge and skills, especially aim of starting own Forensic Practice legally or for Career advancement. For more details CLICK HERE

Forensic Lab Products :

We provide high quality forensic science lab testing products and fingerprint supplies required for error free analysis and investigations. For more details CLICK HERE

DNA Testing (Peace of Mind Tests) :

To determine relationship of subject with parents or other person by taking sample from buccal swabs of the mouth with sterile cotton-type swabs without any injury, pain and blood. For more details CLICK HERE