Forensic Tests


IFS INDIA FORENSIC LAB Provides various Forensic Lab Testing Services including Forensic Document Examinations, Handwriting Analysis, Signature Comparison, Fingerprint Verification, Document Fraud Investigation and Many more…

These Forensic Expert Opinions and Reports are acceptable in Courts and Legal purposes as per Indian Evidence Act, Sec. 45.

IFS INDIA FINGERPRINT DEPT. also provides Fingerprinting Services for FBI USA, RCMP Canada, and Many Other Countries for PCC, VISA, Police Clearances, Criminal Record Check, Background Verification, FINRA, Medical License, Immigration, Migration, Education, Fingerprint Check, FBI Record Check, Australia, UAE, Dubai, Abhu Dhabi, Malaysia, State Dept, Singapore etc… We use Standard and Universal Genuine Fingerprint Cards & Forms for above purposes. For detailed information please visit :

We have more than 10 year Experience in Forensic Science Services including Fingerprinting Services.

All our Experts are well trained, experienced, skilled and court qualified.

Other primary examinations and consultancy available for DNA Testing, Cyber Crime Examinations (Audio Authentication, Voice Analysis, Video Examination, Photo Examinations, Data Recovery, Mobile Phone Examinations, SIM Card Analysis, and Other Digital Evidences)

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