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IFS INDIA provides following Forensic Sciences Services for Courts / Legal Purposes :

  1. Forensic Document Examinations : Handwriting Analysis, Signature Comparisons, and Document Examinations. For more details CLICK HERE.
  2. Fingerprint Developments : We develop hidden fingerprinting from suspicious media / surface by using advanced forensic techniques and chemicals. Usually hidden fingerprints are not visible by naked eyes, but we develop it using specials forensic techniques. Its is very helpful in cases of thefts or crime. For more details CLICK HERE.
  3. Fingerprint Comparisons : Our Experts compare and verify fingerprints and thumb impressions from documents or developed area, for legal matters. For more details CLICK HERE.
  4. All our Experts Opinion Forensic Reports are acceptable in Courts for Legal Purposes, Under Indian Evidence Act, Section 45.
  5. Fingerprinting for VISA, Immigration, Licenses, PCC, Record Check etc from FBI USA, RCMP Canada, FINRA, UAE, Australia, Singapore, Africa and other countries. For more details CLICK HERE
  6. DNA Testing : This is peace of mind test, to determine whether two individuals are biologically parent and child by paternity test, Very useful for peace of mind as well as confirmation before starting any legal cases etc. For more details CLICK HERE
  7. IFS Education Dept : We at IFS provides various Forensic Science related courses including Forensic Psychology, Accounting, Fraud Examiner, Odontology / Dentistry, Toxicology, Engineering, Crime Scene Investigation, Private Detective, Cyber Crime, Cyber Law, Cyber Security and many more… For more details CLICK HERE
  8. IFS Special Training : These special trainings are very useful for practical forensic sciences knowledge and experience to acquire skills. For more details CLICK HERE
  9. Forensic Lab Products & Supplies: These are High Quality Forensic Science Products specially designed for best Forensic Practice. For more details CLICK HERE

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